Using our Dreams Planning Process™ and through three key steps – Discover, Create, and Take Action – we are able to identify your unique needs and design a plan that works toward your goals and dreams in an efficient and systematic manner.

With Hutton Wealth Management, you get more than just an advisor, you get a team that is dedicated and committed to you, your family, and most importantly, to “helping you reach your dreams.”

DISCOVER – The Discovery Profile

  • Explores your current situation
  • Basic introduction to your life and needs
  • Organizes and identifies your financial resources

The Discovery Conversation™

  • Discussion of your personal needs
  • Review of your Dreams, Obstacles, and Strengths
  • Identifies goals that will shape planning


The Strategy Building Gameplan™
Builds upon The Discovery Conversation™

  • Identifies opportunities and ways we can help
  • Framework for your unique plan
  • Internal process of strategizing for your needs
    • The Strategy Shaping Meeting™
    • Overview of proposed Dreams Plan™
    • Fine tuning of The Dreams Planning Process™
    • Details services we offer that can help you
    • Allows you to choose what services you want

Sets stage for The Dream Implementation™


  • The Dream Implementation™
  • The Retirement Dreams Plan™
  • The Tax Strategy Plan™
  • The Legacy Plan™
  • The Personal Spending Plan™
  • The Wealth Management Plan™
  • The Risk Management Solution™

The Dream Review™

  • Ongoing assessment of planQuarterly ReviewSemi-annual ReviewAnnual ReviewPhone ReviewGuides the Dreams Plan™ into the futureAllows for flexibility